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How to design a Dementia friendly Bathroom?

Designing a dementia friendly bathroom is an important move to ensure the safety at home, comfort and care of your loved one suffering from dementia. With their deteriorating vision, it is important to establish a friendly and supportive environment to avoid confusion and falls.

Implementing the following tips to build a dementia-friendly bathroom can make a significant difference. With a little extra effort, you can improve dementia patients’ quality of care at home. 

It’s understandable that they would have difficulty walking around their own home, but by implementing simple preventative measures, you can alleviate any unnecessary stress and ensure their safety.

Below here are some easy tips to create a dementia-friendly bathroom:


Use contrasting colours to make different sections of the bathroom more visible and recognisable for the dementia patient.

– Choose colours that don’t reflect the sunlight or glare. 


Consider motion-detect lighting systems to help them avoid sudden shocks of lights.


Install grab rails and use non-slip materials to minimize the risks of falls.


Identify different areas of the bathroom with clear signage so that they can easily identify different objects, such as Toilet, Sink, Hot water & cold water, and exit signages. 

With these few tweaks, can design a comfortable and supportive environment for people living with dementia. This is a huge step to making their daily lives a little easier with a dementia friendly bathroom.

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