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what not to do with people with dementia
What not to do and what to do with a dementia patient

When caring for a dementia patient, it is crucial to understand both what actions to avoid and what actions to take. By familiarising yourself with the dos and don’ts of dementia care, you can provide the best possible support for your loved one.

Assisting individuals with dementia requires a compassionate approach, as this disease often causes significant memory loss.
It is crucial to avoid asking them to recall or memorise information, as it can be as challenging as asking a visually impaired person to see or move around without assistance.

To enhance the care provided to individuals with dementia, we have put together a list of recommended do’s and don’ts. Please review the following pointers to assist you in providing high-quality care to these individuals and improving their quality of life.

Note: It required lots of patience to gain the trust of a person with dementia


Be patience

Speak clearly

Shorten closed questions and avoid complex talks

Repeat what you say to make them understand, and use thumbs up to make sure they do understand.

Make sure they are safe and comfortable 

Make sure they get enough sleep

Seek help from professionals such as Doctors and Dementia helpline 

Speak with encouraging words 

Make them active as possible 


Don’t ask open questions 

Don’t try to make a point 

Avoid explanations 

Don’t question the past 

Don’t remind them what they have forgotten 

Don’t rush

Don’t let them oversleep

Research is currently underway to explore possible interventions for the reversal of dementia, a complex and challenging condition often accompanied by significant cognitive impairment. Efforts are being made to increase our understanding of the underlying mechanisms of dementia and to develop targeted approaches to improve cognition and quality of life for individuals living with this disability.


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