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Why are fluids important for people with dementia

As we explore the difficulties of caring for people with dementia, it is important to acknowledge the critical role that hydration fluids play in sustaining their health and well-being. Hydration is more than just drinking a glass of water; it is a key factor that contributes to cognitive function, overall physical health, and emotional well-being. In this post, we will examine why fluids are so important for people with dementia and why staying hydrated is so important for their quality of life. 

We encourage you to take a minute to read the material below and learn practical tips on how to promote hydration in dementia patients. By doing so, you will be equipped with the knowledge to provide optimal care for your patients.

Did you know that every organ in our body needs fluids to function effectively? Especially the brain is highly dependent on fluids. And without water, we can experience problems like short-term memory loss, conduction, agitation, lack of focus and lack of responsiveness. Good hydration is very important throughout the day for people with dementia.  

So, how can we make sure our loved ones living with dementia could stay hydrated?
  • Make sure they have a glass of water handy at all time
  • Offer them fluids regularly, especially when they seem thirsty 
  • Flavoured water or soups to make drinks appealing 
  • Keep a close eye on their fluid intake and make sure they are not dehydrated
  • Encourage them to drink a full glass of water as soon as they wake up. This is a good kickstart to the brain and to the body. 
  • Get help from a Smart speaker system or an alarm system to get reminded them to drink fluids.  
  • Changed the regular glass to a colourful glass and use a coloured straw if required. 
  • Stop using the side table, make sure the table is at the front where they mainly sit.  
  • If possible, label the bottle or glass saying “Drinking Water”.
  • Use a glass or plastic tumbler with reusable silicon straw, make sure your loved one can lift it when full of fluids. 450ml – 600ml is highly recommended and available in supermarkets or online. 

In some cases, a person with dementia refused to drink, especially water! Making their fluid intake up with food, such as Soup, watermelon, pineapple, pears, yoghurts and custard will help to be hydrated. 

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