How to Care for a DEMENTIA Patient at Home

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Dementia Care at Home:  

The Dementia Care Support Guide is designed to improve the quality of dementia care at home or in their own home. It equips you with comprehensive dementia care guidance, effective techniques, and necessary procedures to ensure a smooth transition throughout your caregiving journey. Caring for dementia patients in their own home may be both rewarding and challenging, and it is important to approach it with empathy, understanding, and expertise. In this comprehensive dementia care support guide, we will provide you with expert tips and strategies for offering holistic support to individuals living with dementia. Additionally, our aim is to provide valuable knowledge and low-cost solutions to promote independence and well-being.

Our website offers a comprehensive resource for cost-effective methods of caring for and supporting individuals with dementia in a home setting. Our expert, dementia-friendly advice provides all the necessary information and guidance to become a knowledgeable caregiver/carer for your loved one. 

We understand the difficult task of caring for someone with dementia, and our dedicated website is designed to support individuals who are undertaking this challenging journey. Our thorough, useful dementia care manual has been created to help you provide quality care for your loved one with minimal costs. With our website, you can be confident in caring for your loved one with dignity, compassion, and expertise.”

You’ll find valuable posts on how to offer the correct care and support to a loved one with dementia. The posts include: What not to do with a dementia patient; Dementia patients’ rights; Benefits of fluids, routines, How to encourage them to wash and dressChallenges and Solutions for Managing Sleep Disturbances in Dementia PatientsDementia patients refuse to eat and drink; why?and many more.

With the Dementia Care Support Guide, you’ll learn how to design a dementia-friendly environment at home, create a care plan that meets your loved one’s needs, and much more! Get started on your journey to becoming a knowledgeable, confident caregiver or carer today!

How to care for someone with dementia in their own home?

How to reduce the risks of dementia?

dementia care at home, Dementia care support guide
dementia care support guide, early signs of dementia
1 min read
What are the early signs of Dementia? And what to do?

No one should have to suffer alone when caring for a person with dementia at home. Caring for a loved one with dementia can be tremendously difficult.

1 min read
What are Do’s and Don’ts of people with dementia?

For people with Dementia, their disorder is memory loss. Asking them to remember or memorise is like asking a blind person to see or walk. Please find below do’s and..

The benefits of routine and familiarity, why is it important to a person with dementia
1 min read
The benefits of routine and familiarity, why is it important to a person with dementia?

The influence of routine and familiarity on a person with dementia is life-changing! Day-to-day working..

Why are fluids important for people with dementia
1 min read
Why are fluids important for people with dementia?

Did you know that every organ in our body needs fluids to function effectively? Especially the brain is highly dependent on fluids, and without them, we can experi..

1 min read
How to manage finance for people with dementia?

A person who is in an early stage of Dementia has the full capacity to talk to loved ones or with their bank to support their income and spending.

2 mins read
How to encourage a person with dementia to get washed/shower and dressed?

From the beginning, both tasks could be very challenging. Having said that, encouraging and sett-

dementia care support guide, dementia care support at home, Sleep and dementia
2 min read
How to get dementia patients to sleep at night ?

Providing adequate care for dementia patients can pose many challenges, including difficulty getting them to sleep at night. It is essential

dementia care support guide, dementia care support guide, How can you gain the trust of a person suffering from dementia 2
1 min read
How to make a person with dementia trust/believe me/you? Top tips

As we are all aware, one of the communication barriers with a person with dementia is trust and belief, most

1 min read
What are the communication difficulties-barriers with dementia patients?

Communication difficulties and barriers with dementia patients can be quite challenging. This is due to the cognitive changes they undergo, which result in a

dementia patient refuses to eat food and drink
1 min read
Why do dementia patients refuse to eat?

Losing appetite is very common in people with Dementia. This could be due to many reasons, including not identifying food, difficulty in swallowing or chewing, difficulty getting used to cultures, loss of taste, and delirium

1 min read
Why do Parkinson's patients develop dementia?

Parkinson's disease is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects movement control. As the disease progresses, it can affect various parts of the brain, including those responsible for thinking, memory,

dementia care support guide, dementia care at home, dementia-patients-always-hungry-eat-too-much-or-too-little-overeating-appetite
2 mins read
Why do dementia patients always feel hungry?

Caring for someone with dementia who is constantly hungry can be difficult, but it is essential to remember that you are making a difference in their life. Thousands of carers/caregivers have discovered successful strategies and

dementia care support guide, paranoid
2 mins read
How do you deal with a dementia patient who is paranoid?

Experiencing Paranoid and delusional events is very common in mid-stage dementia patients. Diagnosing the symptoms early could clear up the confusion between carers and patients

2 mins read
What not to do with a dementia patients?

When speaking with a dementia patient, it is important to be mindful of what not to do with dementia patients. This is critical while caring for a dementia patient at home. And the ultimate goal is to avoid causing

dementia care support guide, parent who has dementia and doesn’t recognise you
2 mins read
How do you deal with a parent who has dementia and doesn't recognise you?

Dealing with a dementia-affected parent who does not recognise you can be emotionally exhausting. Here are some ideas that may

1 min read
Why are mental stimulation and brain exercises important for dementia patients?

"Mental exercise—brain stimulation—is important for leading a healthy lifestyle, just like physical exercise. Engaging in activities that stimulate the

dementia care support guide, dementia care at hoem, dementia-care-at-home-human-rights-safeguarding
1 min read
What are the rights of a person with dementia?

A person with dementia has got rights as any other person. It is essential to keep in mind that an individual with Dementia, regardless of the illness's stage, is a human being with fundamental rights like any other person.

leaving a person with dementia alone, dementia care support guide
1 min read
What are the risks of leaving an elderly person with dementia alone at home?

Leaving an elderly person with dementia (mid stage onwards) alone at home can be extremely risky. They may engage in unsafe behaviours that could cause self-harm or harm to others.

dementia care support guide, prevent dementia meditation and mindfulness
1 min read
How to reduce the risks of dementia?

When it comes to reducing the risk of dementia, focusing on healthy lifestyle changes is the key. It's important to make staying active, both mentally and physically, a top priority.

Do dementia patients know they are dying, dementia care support guide
1 min read
Do dementia patients know they are dying?

In dementia patients, signs of death are emotionally challenging. Might observe signs such as decreased appetite, difficulty swallowing, increased sleepiness, reduced communication, withdrawal from surroundings

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